With over 25 years experience in handling and training dogs, our instructors know how to make classes fun and enjoyable, optimizing learning for both you and your dog.

Some handlers are nervous about enrolling in a course thinking that they have the ‘naughtiest’ dog that will “never learn”. In fact, it is not uncommon for prospective students to share similar experiences, like; their dog pulls on a lead, jumps on them, bites/mouths, barks, chews shoes, runs away, howls, digs holes, is nervous, wees in the house, scratches at doors, won’t listen, etc.

Our instructors know that there is no such thing as a ‘dumb dog’, they just haven’t been given the right learning opportunities yet.

Domestic Dog Training instructors also work closely with local Councils to promote responsible dog ownership, educating dog owners on the need for a balance between recreation and conservation.

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