All breeds, shapes and sizes of dogs are welcomed to enrol in our obedience classes and classes are available for all ages of dogs, from puppies to adult dogs. Yes, even old dogs can learn new tricks!

If you are unsure about what class to choose, give us a call on 0490 910 837 to discuss your individual needs and our friendly staff will be able to guide you in the right direction.

We offer group classes and one-to-one private instructor training.

Domestic Dog Training instructors also work closely with local Councils and State Government authorities to promote responsible dog ownership, educating dog owners on the need for a balance between recreation and conservation.

Appropriate Training
Many handlers come to school with a simple aim, eg “I just want him/her to stop jumping on me” or “I want to be able to walk my dog without him/her pulling on the lead”. Our trainers know that goals can change each week as you and your dog learn and achieve more. Some students enjoy the ability to take their dogs out on family outings or simple relaxing walks on the beach, whilst others catch the training ‘bug’ and move to advanced training including off -lead and agility work.

And that’s why we offer training from Puppy classes, Basic Obedience to advanced training.We use various training methods and equipment, tailored to each individual dogs and handlers needs. If you have particular requirements please feel free to call us to discuss any concerns.

Dedicated and Patient Handler

There is no ‘quick fix’ pill for training your dog. It will take practice and repetition to get the best results. Our experience shows that one handler is best to do the training to give the dog consistency and to achieve a solid handler that can then show and share with other family members what to do. The more you put in, the more you will achieve.

Care and Attention

Diet and health are important elements in a dog’s training. If a dog is not well or is carrying an injury, they will not be able to focus on training. All dogs are required to be immunized prior to attending classes.