Intermediate & Advanced Training
For dogs who have successfully completed the 10-week Basic Obedience Course.

DURATION: Intermediate Level 1 and Intermediate Level 2 are both 6 weeks in duration, each lesson 1 hour.

BREED: All breeds

OBJECTIVES: The Intermediate & Advanced Obedience Courses are for those wanting to advance their training to include off-lead obedience work and control of the dog. The courses also introduce the dog sport of Agility, which is enjoyed by both handlers and dogs.

Topics Include:
  • On Lead Obedience
  • Off Lead Obedience
  • Control from a distance
  • Furthering obedience with exercises such as the drop on recall, fast pace heel work, silent signals, etc
  • Socialisation work incorporating circle work, stays, recalls and proofing
  • Introducing the dogs to the sport of agility including, weave work, jumps, tunnels, rings and distance work

These classes are for dogs who have mastered basic obedience (with Domestic Dog Training) and their owners who would like to further their dogs training and socialisation.

Group classes provide opportunities to socialise