Basic Obedience
The new course commencing on Sat 8th June at 9.15am is now fully booked. Next new course will be commencing on Sat 6th July at 8.00am.

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AGE OF DOGS: From 5 months of age up

DURATION: 10 weeks, each lesson 1 hour

COST: $350

HANDLER: One handler is requested to minimise confusion on behalf of the dog. Once the dog is trained anyone will be able to handle the dog. Family members are encouraged to attend and watch this course to improve consistent handling techniques.

BREED: All breeds

OBJECTIVES: The Basic Obedience Course teaches the owner/handler how to have control of the dog and enables the dog to be responsive to voice commands and hand signals.

Topics Include:
  • Understanding dog behaviour
  • Communicating with your dog
  • Socialising the dog
  • On-lead obedience
  • Walking at heel
  • Social Walking
  • Sit
  • Stay
  • Drop
  • Stand
  • Recall (coming back when called)
  • Holding a sit stay whilst a dog walks past and walking past a group of dogs in a sit stay
  • Home etiquette exercises – sitting for a pat, not taking food off benches and more

As part of the course, individual behaviour problems are also covered and commonly include: nuisance barking, hole- digging, jumping on people, etc.

Trail walks are a favourite part of the course. Dogs and handlers will put the techniques learnt to the test under the guidance of an Instructor.
The trail walks ensure that training techniques learnt in class can be transposed to an everyday situation where various factors can be encountered, eg. bike riders, prams, other dogs, joggers, birds, etc.

Class notes are distributed at the end of each lesson to consolidate what has been learnt in class for that week, to help the handler with practice and also to teach the family/household what the dog is learning