Our structured daycare programs offer opportunities for your dog to socialise and meet new friends, to build confidence through activities that promote mental stimulation and to have physical exercise that they may not get at home. And our staff are always ready to give plenty of pats and cuddles!

We understand that every dog is unique and we strive to structure programs that interest and educate your dog.

In addition to daycare there are a number of elective programs that your dog may enjoy, including: park walks and individual training. Speak to our team about structuring a program that best meets your dogs needs. 

Our daycare centre provides a safe and clean environment with epoxy sealed floors and veterinary grade cleaning products and processes.

Benefits of Daycare

Every dog deserves to live their best life.

Fun Fact

It’s a fact that sometimes we get busy with work and life commitments and there is so much to juggle. There is no need to feel guilty when your dog is in daycare and having fun!


Dogs are social creatures and enjoy company. Daycare can help to reduce separation anxiety and reduce destructive behaviours and barking.


A structured environment can teach manners for excitable dogs and can help to build confidence in less outgoing dogs. Good socialisation skills between dogs helps to reduce fights.


Dogs enjoy exercise and a tired dog is a happy dog.


Mental stimulation is just as important as physical exercise. Exercising the brain with challenges gives your dog the opportunity to develop and improve.

Behavioural Assessment

Dogs are required to pass a Behavioural Assessment prior to being offered a regular/permanent daycare placement. If your dog is not settling during the Behavioural Assessment, you may be contacted for an early pick up.

We have THREE zoned areas where we will find the best social fit for your dog. Each area is supervised by a Domestic Dog Training team member.
Areas are also provided for dogs who like some individual rest and re-charge time.