Walk & Train
Let us exercise & train your dog

DURATION: Each lesson 1 hour

HANDLER: Our Instructor guides the dog through an obedience and exercise program that is specific to each individual dog.

BREED: All breeds

OBJECTIVES: Busy lifestyles don’t always leave enough time to practice obedience work and walk the dog and some dogs have behavioural issues that result in walks being stressful for the handler.

This service was developed to help those who don’t have the ability to put in the training needed to get their dog’s obedience to the level they require, and for those dogs who need more support to overcome behavioural issues such as reactivity, anxiety and lack of socialisation. You decide on what your goals are and our Instructor will design an obedience program for your dog, collect and return your dog from home or work for each lesson and provide feedback on your dogs progress.

LOCATION: Instructor collects and returns dog to work or home.

This in-depth program allows our trainers to work with your dog on any specific issues you might be struggling with in a controlled environment.